Prosthetics – Week 1 (Semester 1) of Year 2 Makeup Artistry & Special Makeup Effects

For my first lesson of the year (24th September ’12) I had a prosthetics class which was very exciting as I am always eager to learn more. I discovered to my delight that Martin Redman was going to be tutoring me over the next few months as well as Jeff and Becky. If you have not heard of him, Martin started his career as an apprentice working at a bronze foundry. He worked alongside numerous artists helping to develop their portfolios before joining Madame Tussauds in London to work as a mould maker. I was thrilled as he is such an inspirational artist whose knowledge and expertise will have a dramatic influence on students like me.

Martin showed a video of the new Madame Tussauds exhibition to be opened in Tokyo, Japan which I found very fascinating as my sibling lives and works in Tokyo!!! (This definitely has to be a place I visit when I next fly over, hee). The ways in which the exhibition is constructed is fantastic, watch the clip below to gain an insight.

In this lesson we also covered a risk assessment of products that we shall be using over the next few months.

Receiving my first assignment brief was daunting as it seemed like a huge amount of work to do at first glance! The task given for semester 1 was to choose and mould a character into silicone, which will then be applied to a model’s face as a prosthetic piece.

Martin and Jeff gave a demonstration of how to produce a life cast of the face using silicone as this will be one of the tasks for me to complete to make my prosthetic piece. I then practiced doing this on Martin (see images below) as well as casted my model’s face (Cassie McAvoy) for my final piece.

The following day I moved onto creating a life cast of my hand using alginate! I had brought into class a large sized plastic bottle as this was used to place my hand/arm in. My arm was quite shaky due to having to hold it still for 5-10 minutes but it was worth the wait as I was quite proud of the outcome, here’s how it looked (see images below).


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