Estée Lauder Disappear Smoothing Creme Concealer

I thought I’d write a review on the latest product I’ve purchased 🙂

On the internet this product has been given an average rating of 4.2 out of 5 on the Makeup Alley website which I would agree with as it is very good! 

Firstly, this concealer glides onto the skin smoothly (just like the name states!) and blends into the skin naturally which is the look that most people wish to achieve.

It works wonders on dark circles around the eyes and for me this is the best factor about this product. It also hides blemishes, however it can start to wear off after around 4-5 hours which I find very frustrating with makeup!

When I purchased this concealer in store, I asked the Estée Lauder representative what shade would suit my skin tone best and she recommended choosing medium, however I have found that this shade has been too dark for my skin especially in autumn/winter. I would be better suited wearing this concealer in the summertime when I have a slight tan. There are actually only three shades available (light, medium and dark) which I find too limited and this puts me off purchasing this product again.

The packaging (box) attracted me as it is simple and easy to read, I like the colour scheme used and it is very light to hold. The actual concealer is a small tube which looked like it wouldn’t go very far, however I have used it daily for the past 3 weeks and it hasn’t really gone down much as you only need to use the tiniest amount! I love how you only have to squeeze the tube enough to get a little out unlike some pump or open top bottles where you get more than you wanted.  This also doesn’t allow any bacteria to get in, I find this very important as I am prone to breakouts.  

The price of this product (£17.50) is not bad as I have usually paid a lot more for concealers in the past and they have not worked as well.

I think that everybody should try this product for themselves as it is great and does exactly what it says! I will always be shopping around for concealers that I haven’t yet tried and look forward to finding an even better onex


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