Further Media Makeup & Postiche – Week 2 (Semester 1) of Year 2 Makeup Artistry & Special Makeup Effects

Week 2 soon arrived and I enjoyed another media makeup & postiche lesson. As I had learnt the theory of how to make a plastic wig pattern in my previous lesson, I now had the chance to actually produce one using my friend and classmate Laura Graham as a model. Firstly I needed to wrap Laura’s hair using kirby grips so that the hair could be kept as flat as possible. The image below shows the finished result of my plastic wig pattern with the marks of my model’s hairline.

My research into the history of facial postiche as well as looking at the different ways of how the hair forms around the face was both interesting and informative. These are some examples below that I found.

My tutor went through the step by step process of hair wrapping – applying a stocking cap and using hairspray to make sure the hairs are off the face. She then placed a wig onto a model, ensuring it is positioned correctly before placing pins up and under the wig (all the way around the head) into the stocking cap. I now know to use mastix glue for wig work and to only apply a little under the lace front. I have also learnt the correct way of removing a wig safely – dabbing solvent on with either a cloth or sponge onto the glue so that it dampens and is easily removed.

I was introduced to my tutor for work based learning who in turn introduced me to blogs, in-particular blogs using WordPress. This was a new and exciting concept for me; however I can see why it is so popular as I am loving it so far!! Researching into other makeup artist’s blogs was very interesting and I definitely got lots of inspiration for creating my own.


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