Prosthetics – Week 3 (Semester 1) of Year 2 Makeup Artistry & Special Makeup Effects

To start week 3 I had prosthetics once again with Martin and Jeff. Having cast my model’s face for my final piece in the previous lesson, it was set and ready for the next stage. I made up a mixture of plaster and using a brush, I dabbed the plaster into the inside of my face cast until it was fully covered (the nostrils had to be blocked with clay beforehand so that the plaster didn’t seep through). To reinforce the cast, I placed pieces of scrim (cut up) on top. A second layer of plaster went on top of the scrim, covering it fully until the scrim was buried. This was left to set for approximately 45 minutes. Once dry, I could remove the face cast carefully and was impressed with how good it looked. The only slight issues were that I did not put quite enough plaster in; therefore some scrim was showing through, however this doesn’t matter at this point in time as it is not the finished piece. Owing to this delicate procedure, some plaster formed around the nose which I will later chizzle off using a scalpel. Take a look at the images below to see both the process and the outcome.

The following day Becky and Martin demonstrated how to place the face cast into plaster so that it has a surround. This image shows my endeavours for this particular challenge.

After 45 minutes the plaster had set and I could now peel back the clay wall and chizzle away at the nose using a scalpel to make it look neat. The finally step of the day was to paint the mould base with shellac for a shiny texture. The images below show how it looked before and after it had been painted. 


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