Art – Week 4 (Semester 1) of Year 2 Makeup Artistry & Special Makeup Effects

My next art lesson was spent showing the class progression of my sketchbook so far. This was really helpful as I received very positive comments as well as good advice to help me develop further. Although I produced a good page based on eyes and used diverse colours and makeup creativeness, I still needed to build my own unique character, focusing it around an eye. I found this quite difficult  at first as my perception was ‘an eye is an eye, what else can it be?’ however; the more ideas I got through research and by talking to artists, I realised that I can create eye features through my model’s hair or outfit. As I love fashion anyway, I decided to produce a lady wearing an exclusive dress that has an arrangement of beautiful, bright and bold colours that stand out. I wanted the shape to come out like a sort of peplum dress but with the eye as a huge feature. The eyelashes form part of a belt that fits around the waist. For me it fits into both contemporary fashion as well as the future. My lady is named Skeye and here she is in the image below!


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