Further Media Makeup & Postiche – Week 4 (Semester 1) of Year 2 Makeup Artistry & Special Makeup Effects

I moved onto learning how to use hair in creative work by studying my tutor give a demonstration using various techniques. The following are just some examples of the procedures I observed:-

  • Back-combing (although I have the basic principles of this already)
  • Securing grips (it was surprising to discover I was not using them correctly before coming onto this course)
  • Twisting the hair (for up-dos)
  • Securing ponytails (using bands as opposed to bobbles as they are easier to wrap around without losing parts of the hair due to slipping)

  • Removing lumps and bumps in the hair (using the tail of the comb)

I was shown a presentation of diverse hair designs such as those with weft work, ideas for added hair and creative styling using padding or pieces. Here are some images below from the PowerPoint presentation.

Later I practiced these basic hair techniques to help inspire me for task 3 of my assignment brief (postiche for performance). Below is an image of some hair styles I created using a cute doll’s head!

Afterwards an exciting piece of homework was presented to the class in preparation for task 3 – ‘produce a look incorporating creative hair techniques for either;

A – wedding/special occasion

B – avant garde fashion/fantasy look

I needed to produce a mood board of inspiring ideas, create a full hair and makeup chart with instructions and also have the appropriate clothing.

I decided to go with option B as I thought this will be good practice for task 3 rather than doing something completely different. 

The following day my tutor mixed her lesson by demonstrating how to create ageing makeup for both theatrical and television images. She used one side of the face for theatrical (more colour and a deeper intensity of makeup) and the other side for television (natural and much less obvious). The image below shows her superb creative talent.


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