Further Media Makeup & Postiche – Week 5 (Semester 1) of Year 2 Makeup Artistry & Special Makeup Effects

In my final postiche lesson before reading week, I practiced for assessment task three of my assignment (create an avant garde fantasy look for performance). My time limitation was 90 minutes to create the hair and makeup of my chosen character (Aphrodite) including a face and hair chart (with instructions) in addition to a mood board for guidance. Here is how my work station looked at the beginning of the session.

My chosen model is fellow student and friend Laura Graham who is naturally beautiful and blonde therefore I thought she would be the perfect Goddess. With Laura possessing Aphrodite’s key features with regard to beauty I concentrated on additional features such as white feathers as eyelashes to represent a dove. On Laura’s cheeks I used bold pink to help create an avant garde image. For her hair, a gold heart shaped accessory looked wonderful and finally bold red heart shaped lips seemed perfect to represent Aphrodite being the Goddess of Love. Creative hair work was a compulsory feature therefore I used a small piece of padding to create a quiff in the hair and allowed the rest of her beautiful locks flowing just like Aphrodite’s. A lot of effort went into my research however in hindsight I could have pushed my creativity especially on the hair side.

Here in the images below is how it looked.

Some of the positive comments I received from my tutor included that I had produced great research and charts and that I had good knowledge of what I was doing and why I was doing it. However, I do need to think more about my design in my final assessment and build on my hair work which I agreed lessens my overall image. Aphrodite is a stunningly beautiful lady and I need to make every part of my design beautiful. Subtlety is required rather than overkill (the heart shaped lips were too strong). My tutor thought it would look better without trying too hard therefore next time I will have a more natural but effective lip shape and colour.

At the end of this lesson I had a quick practice at weaving (4cm of hair). This is a method of fabric production in which two distinct sets of thread are interlaced at right angles to form a fabric/cloth or in my case a weave of hair. This is how it looked in the image below as I was starting.


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