Further Media Makeup & Postiche – Week 6 (Semester 1) of Year 2 Makeup Artistry & Special Makeup Effects

With just six weeks until the deadline of my assignment, my nerves were kicking in a little! I was concentrating on how to utilise my studio space time in order to complete all tasks on target.

I planned to start making a moustache with the intention of finishing it for the end of November (Movember!). This would be great to wear for a charity event.

This lesson was spent practicing theatrical ageing makeup as I had watched how to do this with Polly in the previous class. I was extremely excited to try it out as it looked fantastic fun. Usually I am not over enthusiastic for theatrical makeup however this was something different.  Laura Graham was my model and this is how it looked.

My tutor commented that I need to be lighter handed with my brush strokes across the face so that the lines appear thinner. Also to be aware of the colours I use in my grease palette owing to the brown looking quite red. This means I need to use a darker brown shade for a perfect match. Overall, I was happy with how this session went particularly as I now know where I went wrong. I feel that once I add latex for a greater wrinkly effect it will improve my image even more.


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