Art – Week 7 (Semester 1) of Year 2 Makeup Artistry & Special Makeup Effects

As a replacement for my art lesson this week, I had a tutorial with my tutor which enabled me to show how far I had progressed with my assignment. In total I have four sections to complete which are, section 1 (write a 600 word essay), section 2 (create a visual diary), section 3 (demonstrate practical techniques) and section 4 (a group crit).

I presented my tutor with my completed essay along with product charts which show clear scientific knowledge of products as requested in the brief.  My tutor said that she was very pleased with my standard of work which was both very pleasing and a great relief. As for my visual diary, my tutor saw my drawing of Skeye (the character created from using an eye) and was absolutely wowed by it which delighted me as art is not my strongest ability. She loved the creativeness of it and how unique it was and advised me on ways to progress it even further (by creating a collage of different materials/textures).

From my artist inspiration page that was for homework, (shown in the image below) I will take just one image (inspired from cubism by Alex Box & from Gotye’s video – Somebody That I Used to Know) and create my own cubism image, experimenting with colours.

Furthermore I will make my own unique designs of Minnie Mouse as this is my character for my special effects work and demonstrate the steps of how I designed my silicone piece. The image below shows the page based on Minnie Mouse in my visual diary so far.

Crucially, I need to concentrate and complete the makeup, hair and costume for my character’s practical assessment day. I am planning to attach the silicone piece onto the bottom half of the face, then create Minnie Mouse funky makeup for the top half of the face. Additionally I have a big head piece for my model’s head. The outfit of choice will be very similar to that of Minnie Mouse and I am sure it will look just as cute as I imagine!

My group (crit) is very soon and I intend to finalise my pages in my visual diary to demonstrate to my fellow students and tutors all the information I have collected so far whilst on this course.


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