Prosthetics – Week 8 (Semester 1) of Year 2 Makeup Artistry & Special Makeup Effects

As this term is drawing to a close, I wanted to finally complete my silicone piece by painting it perfectly (although I knew this was not going to be easy). My second attempt at painting included trying to select better colours (a flesh tone colour for the face, pink for the tongue and finally black for the nose and mouth). However, this second effort was just as frustrating as the first piece due to the paint being too thick which resulted in it peeling away. This problem worried me as I was trying desperately hard to achieve a faultless result.  Fortunately, I still had a third piece ready to work with and fully intended to give my absolute best endeavours. This is how my second (disappointing) piece looked.

The following day I brought my third piece into class but as a reserve I casted up a fourth so that I have a spare if needed. I painted my piece differently this time. By making sure that I did not add too much bath sealant coupled with adding more turps to water it down my consistency was much improved. Furthermore, I did not paint the face this time as I realised that it looked better without added colour due to the silicone already having a flesh tone look to it. Additionally, I got more creative and decided I wanted my Minnie Mouse to have rosy pink cheeks and freckles. I am still going to add to it, however here is how it looks and I am very happy with the result this time.


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