Further Media Makeup & Postiche – Week 8 (Semester 1) of Year 2 Makeup Artistry & Special Makeup Effects

Throughout this week, I worked on my knotting skills and produced an adequate line of hairs. Although many people say that they find knotting therapeutic, I on the contrary, find it rather annoying having to take such care with tiny strands of hair, one after another. As with all my tasks, I gave my best efforts to get it right, however I am quite heavy handed with the needle and kept getting the hook on the end of it stuck in the lace which pulled it so that it tore a little. It was extremely frustrating as the tear ruined the lace for further knotting (it caused a tiny space between the hairs I had knotted). Here is how it looked in the image below.

Despite my initial disappointment, I carried on knotting throughout my class session (images shown below) as I knew I had to master it in order to create a moustache. Fortunately with practice I am gradually getting better.  Watching YouTube videos as well as my tutor demonstrations is also helping by increasing my knowledge of how to master twisting the needle in the correct direction. In order to start again, I worked on different areas of the netting although it was tricky as the netting was becoming less tight towards some edges. This confirmed how important it is to get the first stage right (hammering the pins in so that the lace is stretched enough).

My tutor showed a PowerPoint presentation of creative ideas to help with task 3 which was very useful and it did inspire more ideas concerning my historical figure Aphrodite. In the presentation there was an example of an egg.  This was taken further and instead of just thinking about a simple egg, you can think of scrambled egg, poached egg and fried egg for example. Another model is a gherkin. If someone sees a gherkin vegetable, they do not think anything of it, however if this is transformed (the Gherkin building in London for example) then people will notice it and be amazed. The point is to take ideas from our chosen character and make the features huge. I have created a mind map for Aphrodite and have listed some of her main features such as love which I can emphasise and make sure that everyone sees this (a huge love heart head piece for example). 

Over the next week I am going to create three different and unique hair chart designs for Aphrodite before choosing my final one. 


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