Further Media Makeup & Postiche – Week 9 (Semester 1) of Year 2 Makeup Artistry & Special Makeup Effects

My knotting skills progressed this week in my postiche lesson, and I am glad to say that I have finally got the hang of it!  I found that the main reason I was struggling was because of one simple movement involving twisting the needle in the opposite direction.  This is how it now looks in the image below. With continued practice at home and in my lessons I am now able to make my moustache for my next assessment (ageing with postiche).



I found another great link (see the clip below) to use for guidance on how to knot a wig.

Knotting a Wig – Clip

I created three hair designs for my Aphrodite character work using a mind map for guidance which had to be shown to my tutor in the lesson (they are shown in the images below). The first two images are ideas towards my third and final design (a heart shaped hair, emphasising Aphrodite’s biggest feature) with a heart piece accessory. These are sketches that have been drawn using art pencils; however colour will be added as I work on my final design further. 

Aphrodite Hair Design 1

Aphrodite Hair Design 2

Aphrodite Hair Design FinalMy tutor gave me positive feedback (taking the features such as love, a sea-shell, gold etc.) and suggested creating a second mind map on these features (what does love make you think of?). My tutor wanted me to really push my boundaries and create the impossible such as creating a hairstyle building from a crust of sea-shells. I need to make my designs much more artistic this year, so instead of using basic crayons or makeup for colouring, I will use paints and pastels to try and achieve more sensational effects.

The following day my tutor gave a demonstration of how to make a postiche head piece (for my Aphrodite character work). To do this you must start off with a felt hat (I will be using a black coloured hat) and buckram which gives the hat strength. By placing the hat on top of a steamer for around 5 to 10 minutes the hat will become softer and flexible due to the heat. The hat can then be taken off and held over the steamer so that the steam is hitting the outside of the hat. Once it has been made soft, the hat needs to be removed and placed on a malleable block as quickly as possible before it loses its heat and dries out. It needs to then be stretched over the top of the block and pulled right down as much as possible. Pins (5 or 6) are required to be placed around the block to keep the hat in place. The buckram should be rinsed under water to soften it (although it may be sticky in texture) and then placed over the felt hat (covering it) and the pins taken out. The buckram needs to be pressed down as tight as you can and then the pins placed back in. An elastic band can be placed around the block to help keep the tightness and shape of the hat (trying to not get many creases as this will make the design bumpy). 

Here are some images below of some previous students work (they had a theme of Priscilla) where they had to create head pieces from different materials. I think that they look fantastic; some are more creative than others (my favourite being the bow head piece made out of marshmallows).

Head Piece with Flowers

Head Piece with Flowers - The Felt Hat

Head Piece with Feathers, Butterflies and Flowers

Head Piece Made from Marshmallows

Head Piece Made from BaublesI have a much clearer vision of how I will design my head piece now. Wire will have to be used (twisting a form of material which is yet to be decided around the wire) for my large heart shape and tape to keep things in place.

The assessment for this has now been put back to after the Christmas holidays as the felt hats have not arrived in time, however this gives me the whole of the holidays to work on my design and head piece which I am very much looking forward to!


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