Clean & Clear Deep Cleansing Lotion for Sensitive Skin

Clean & Clear Deep Cleansing Lotion for Sensitive Skin is one of my MUST HAVE products!!

Clean & Clear Deep Cleansing Lotion for Sensitive Skin

At only £2.99 from Boots, this product seems exceptionally cheap to be anything amazing, however it has been just that ever since I started using it a year ago. I have never looked back. At a time when my skin broke out into a rash of pimples and I wanted fast results, this lotion was my saviour. As I am the kind of person that endeavours to have flawless skin I never allow myself to run out of this exceptional product.

As well as consulting my doctor and using prescription treatment, I looked on the market for a product that is suitable for sensitive skin like mine, but also really targets problem skin. This lotion does exactly that, by cleansing the skin gently but effectively to remove everyday build-up of oil, dirt and grease. It is so simple to use, you do not need to use water with it or anything other than a cotton pad to pour it onto. By using a small amount, the cotton pad can be smoothed over the entire face and neck for a thorough clean. One negative point is this product does not have the nicest smell to it; however that does not bother me as I am more concerned about it actually working!

Clean & Clear Deep Cleansing Lotion for Sensitive Skin I use it last thing at night and find in the morning that my skin is always looking smooth, flawless and fresh as well as feeling wonderful. I cannot believe that something so inexpensive provides such outstanding results for my skin. My black heads have faded and I no longer suffer from rashes or pimples.  Many women like a product that is quick and easy to use at the end of the day as time is precious. It takes me less than 5 minutes to have makeup free skin which makes life so much easier and this lotion can last me up to 6 weeks.

Surprisingly, it has an average rating of 4 out of 5 from the Makeup Alley website and 80% of people would buy it again. My score would be 4.9 out of 5 (taking point one off for the smell). I highly recommend this lotion especially to ladies with problem skin and I hope that it works for you too!! It has transformed my facial routine and skin condition. I would never be without it.


2 thoughts on “Clean & Clear Deep Cleansing Lotion for Sensitive Skin

  1. I have been using this for about 7 months now and tonight I used it and my face went all red it still like it now I have had a bath since then it was only a little bit red before bath and now I look like a tomatoe with hair I have put vitamin e moisteriser but then redness is not calmed down WHAT SHOULD I DO???? Thanks for any hel u can give!

  2. Hi Amu, I’m very surprised that you have suffered a reaction if you have been using it for 7 months already and it has been fine so far. Did you have any products on your skin beforehand that could have mixed with it to cause it? Be careful with bathing afterwards as hot water will only aggravate it, you’re best to just stay cool (as there can be a burning sensation) so apply some cold water to the area followed by sudocrem if you have this? that’s what I would use. If it doesn’t go down within 24 hours then visit your Doctor. I hope this helps!

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