No7 Beautiful Skin Eye Makeup Remover

So, this is the eagerly awaited new design No7 Beautiful Skin Eye Makeup Remover suitable for all skin types!

 No7 Beautiful Skin Eye Makeup RemoverIt has been given a 4.3 rating out of a possible 5 on the Drugstore website and 80% of people would recommend it, but would I?

 Firstly, I love the look of this bottle, it is a lovely shape and the coloured liquid is appealing to me. However, the design has changed from the old pump bottle which I absolutely loved!!!

I am quite disappointed with this change as there was no mess with the pump style. Once the lid was taken off you could quickly pump enough onto your cotton pad as you required. Now, the lid must be screwed off to expose a large opening which means when you tip it onto your cotton pad too much comes out and it tends to leak all over if you are not careful. Big mistake changing the design I think!!!

Secondly, although the new packaging may have let the product down, I cannot fault how well this products works. I wear heavy eye makeup most days and found that when I used makeup wipes and cleansing lotions, it would take forever to scrub my eyeliner/mascara off until my eyes were sore! This eye makeup remover is simply amazing, although it has an oily residue; it removes the thickest and heaviest of makeup with just one wipe!! I use one cotton pad for each eye nightly to remove my eye makeup, compared to having to use about ten cotton pads with any other products I have previously used. This cleanser is so effective and the fact that it is oily means that it does not dry out the skin.No7 Beautiful Skin Eye Makeup Remover

I buy this eye cleansing remover for £8.50 from Boots (collecting my points!) and think that this is an extremely reasonable price as it lasts me two to three months. Look out for 3 for 2 deals at Boots to save even more money. I would highly recommend this cleanser, whether you wear just a little mascara or the full array of eye shadow, liner and mascara! You will not regret it.  My middle aged mum who has very sensitive eyes and skin has found this to be the only product suitable for her. Just be extra careful when you tip it on to your pad!!!!


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