Further Media Makeup & Postiche – Week 10 (Semester 1) of Year 2 Makeup Artistry & Special Makeup Effects

My moustache making began this week as I had an accurate wig pattern of my model. The task I opted for was to examine and recreate the moustache of the 49 year old American former professional basketball player and entrepreneur Michael Jordan. He led one of the stranger trends of today after shaving his moustache into a Hitler style, or Charlie Chaplin patch. It received great attention over the internet and I love the short, toothbrush like look to it. This is a good challenge for me and my objective is to make my moustache look as realistic as possible on my model Deji (a male in his 20’s who I will transform into a middle aged man). The moustache needed to match that of Michael Jordan and appear plausible before I constructed the postiche onto lace utilising my knotting techniques and methods.

Firstly, I needed to practice knotting a small section of yak hairs as I will be using this to make my moustache (in a mixture of white and black put together through a hackle, to make grey as shown in the image below).

Yak HairI then removed all pins from the cork board as well as the lace used to knot my practice hair piece (this can be added to my work as evidence). Then I removed the black paper from underneath in order to have a fresh board to work from.

Using the wig pattern, I traced it onto white paper using a pencil and then drew over it with a black marker to make it bolder. Next I cut the lip shape and the moustache out and cello taped it onto my cork board, adding the lace over the top (hammering new pins back in). The moustache was probably longer than intended, however I would rather it be longer so that when I cut it down into shape, I will have enough.  Furthermore I will also make it slightly thicker. This is how it looked in the image below.

MoustacheThis work will be continued out of class with the intention of having my knotting completed by Monday, which is my ageing with postiche assessment day!


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