Prosthetics – Week 10 (Semester 1) of Year 2 Makeup Artistry & Special Makeup Effects

This week’s special effects classes were cancelled as group critiques were taking place. My time slot was the very first of the week which was pleasing for me as I always prefer to be the first to present my work and get it over with! My objective was to show everyone in the class (including two tutors) my visual diary which included all sketches produced throughout semester 1, followed by a PowerPoint presentation of the processes I have been through to create my Minnie Mouse prosthetic piece.

My background does not lie in art. It was not a subject I felt comfortable with at school so at college I studied for and passed qualifications in Beauty Therapy. Although I love the application of makeup, being artistic with regard to sketching, drawing and painting does not come easy to me. However, from my first art lesson as part of this course (creating a page of things that represent me using shapes/colours) I have definitely progressed to the stage where I am able to both research an artist’s work and interpret my version of it. Whilst the tasks given to me have been tough, I have managed to impress people with my designs owing to excellent advice and encouragement from my art tutor (tutorials) as well as friends and family. Practising in and out of class has helped me greatly and slightly improved my confidence in my ability.

Since having my last exceedingly helpful tutorial I have worked further on my visual diary and drawn design ideas for Minnie Mouse as shown in the image below.

Minnie Mouse DrawingsI have also followed what my tutor has asked of me, namely to create a mosaic of Skeye using cut-outs from my celebrity gossip magazines! Here is how she looks in the image below. 

Skeye MosaicHaving taken cubism from my artist’s research page I interpreted this to create a cubism design on the face of a woman. My inspiration came from online cubism pieces of work as well as hair and makeup designs such as Beyoncé’s hair braids. The image below shows how this works.

CubismI feel both negative and positive factors after creating my visual diary in that I do not think I have learnt anything of great value which will help towards my practical work although my confidence has grown in my capabilities. I think that creating a face chart freehand will always be difficult as each one has to be specifically for your look and if I ever had to produce makeup charts in industry, I would definitely use a template so that it saves me a lot of time and effort. My visual diary included more drawing and experimenting with shapes and materials as opposed to makeup and I feel that I would not be using these skills in industry unless I was directly asked to do this. However, in terms of drawing only, I will continue to improve by giving myself time to practice. Speaking honestly, I do not enjoy drawing and find I am very self critical.

My aim is to be a good artist enjoying the skill a bit more than I do currently. My lack of confidence in drawing is what is holding me back but this is continued work in progress.


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