The Dior Christmas Grand Bal Collection

Ready for a busy day at work!This Dior product review is inspired by the love of my current position as a Beauty and Fragrance Consultant at Dior! Now that I have been working for a number of weeks, I know more about the products and have a few favourites! As Christmas is fast approaching, the Dior Grand Bal Christmas collection is selling out extremely quickly and I wanted to let everyone know how incredible some of the products are before they become discontinued items.

This collection has launched an accentual, heady mix of molten golds, ruby reds, shining pearls and carbon blacks for the face and nails. Inspired by the extravagant balls of yesteryear, this couture collection embraces the fantasy of transformation, and the decadence of the masquerade.

The star product of the Dior Grand Bal Christmas collection is the Dior Carnet de BalThe Dior Grand Bal Palette, which has the intriguing shape of an 18th century dance card and is held shut with a miniature eyeliner. This eyeliner is ideal for creating instant drama such as precise lines both around the eye and on the water line. It lasts for hours around the eye and can be smudged and blended to create smokiness, or drawn in clean lines for instant definition. Furthermore, the palette also reveals a pearl eye-shadow duo in platinum and gold (ultra-pigmented to produce a true metallic finish) while the two glosses, one pale gold with golden shimmer and the other a true strawberry pink with subtle shimmer, dress the lips with a glamorous sheen.

The re-launched Diorific Vernis nail polishes have become this season’s it-accessory.  These polishes are a glossy collectors’ item that marries couture style with luxurious texture.  The range includes #011 Lady, #207 Diorling, #751 Marilyn and #901 Diva to match the glamour of the Diorific lipsticks. My favourite colour of the collection is #901 Diva, a night sky shade that dresses your nails with inky black and a smattering of multi-coloured shimmer. The colour is bold enough to make a statement, and the glimmer is subtle enough to be absolutely chic.The Dior Christmas Grand Bal Collection

Diorific lipstick appears in four exclusive shades of red. Each is encased in their familiar gold doubloon packaging embossed with the name Christian Dior which is reminiscent of vintage Dior glamour. They contain rich shades with a luminous and long-lasting matte finish, and a unique texture for perfectly outlined and coated lips, offering a captivating and sophisticated look.

Diorskin Loose Powder in Gold Dust is perfect for dusting onto the cheekbones, shoulders and neckline for an elegant evening look.

The collection is completed with the Palette 5 Couleurs which are a symphony in golds. For the evening there is #524 Night Golds, a decadent molten collection of metal-look satin shadows for mesmerising looks. A medley of shifting textures and shimmers makes this palette very exciting indeed. For the daytime there is #764 Fairy Golds, a collection of lighter, molten shades. More of a variation of colours than the Night Golds palette, Fairy Golds marries shades of silver, gold and platinum.

High-impact gloss captures the spirit of Christmas perfectly. Whether you choose the ultra-sparkly shade or the pigmented colour with subtle shimmer, they are both the colours you need for this season. #424 Gold Lame is the ultimate shade of the season, looking beautiful when worn alone or as a glimmering topcoat over the top of your favourite lipstick. #774 Ceremony Red is a beautiful deep pink-red with subtle iridescent shimmer. If you want to wear red but do not want to commit to the boldness of the Diorific lipstick, then this is the lip colour for you.Dior Lashes

Dior-Grand-Bal-False-Lashes_001-Pearl-DropsDior’s first ever false eyelashes, adorned with delicate pearl drops or golden crystals are divine. These lend a touch of glamour each time the eyes are closed and are something truly special. Each set comes with glue, and a set of instructions. The first pair (Pearl Drops) provides a subtle shape that focus upon volume. The fringe of lashes are thick, ultra dark and very wearable. The thicker band at the top of the lashes creates an instant eyeliner effect when the lashes are worn. The second pair, Golden Crystals, is the showstopper. The ultra-long, graphic span of the eyelashes results in an utterly couture shape. Trimmed with golden Swarovski crystals, the lashes draw all attention to the eyes when the lid is closed. The crosshatch design of the lashes is all about high drama.


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