Prosthetics – Week 12 (Semester 1) of Year 2 Makeup Artistry & Special Makeup Effects

Creating an icon/character this semester was a very long process, however an exceedingly fun and interesting one. I am delighted with how my Minnie Mouse designs continually progressed from the beginning through to my final piece. Constructive art lessons pushed me into further research to help develop and enhance ideas for my own unique interpretation of Minnie. 

My final stage was to apply the prosthetic piece using Mould life Aqua Fix Adhesive by dabbing it onto my model’s lower half of the face with a sponge.  My uniquely designed makeup on the upper half of my model’s face was applied before placing my prosthetic piece for the final result.

Having seen amazing images of anime cartoon makeup in the past, I have always wanted to create something myself and loved the challenge of creating my own version of Minnie. This included practicing makeup applications on my own face and I felt exhilarated when finally my prosthetic piece matched perfectly (image shown below.) My intention was to use bright, bold but beautiful colours to showcase my interpretation of early twenty first century Minnie.

Practice Minnie MakeupMy tutors were exceedingly pleased with my final piece especially the makeup on the upper half of the face. As with all assessments it was both a relief and a delight when I got told I had passed.

The image below shows the final result on my model.

Final Minnie Makeup & Face Chart


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