ActiDerm Eye & Lip Contour Concentrate

After experiencing a beautiful and luxurious ladies pamper night with an ActiDerm hostess (a new brand to my ears but one which I was more than happy to try), I purchased one of their cosmeceutical products namely Eye & Lip Contour Concentrate. My eyes have always been the area that most concern me as dark circles are not easy to hide and wearing a ton of concealer is not very appealing! I desperately wanted something to get rid of those tired looking eyes and make them look much brighter and healthier (just some of the factors this product advertised to achieve) so I thought I would try it.Actiderm Eye & Lip Contour Concentrate

Priced at £23.50 when you purchase it direct, I would say that this is on the lower scale of prices compared to more prodigious brands such as Lancôme and Dior. It is an allergen free product which is appealing as this is very often regarded as being better for the skin. The 15ml bottle does not look like it would go far at all, however I could not have been more wrong. This bottle still has plenty left and I have been using it once a day for around 4 months. I used it at night time once all makeup was removed before I went to bed. I knew that the results may not be instant, therefore I stuck with it for this amount of time, however even after 4 months, I have not seen much of a difference. I have decided to give up with this product and will try other brands. As much as the ActiDerm liquid felt very light and kept my skin moisturised, my eye area looked exactly the same as before I used it, therefore I will not be purchasing this again. It can be a bit too runny in texture meaning more comes out that you need, however this amount can be easily spread over the entire eye and lip area and only takes a few minutes to dry.Actiderm Eye & Lip Contour Concentrate

On the more positive side, the bottle has a beautiful design and an easy to use pump top. The lid pulls off promptly and there is no mess or worry of hygiene. It did seem very attractive to me at the time of purchase and I think that most people would want to try this product as the eye and lip areas are a worry to most, however this unfortunately was not right for me. I have not seen any other reviews as yet for this product but it would be interesting to read and compare my opinion to someone else.


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