Christmas Holiday Task – Further Media Makeup & Postiche

Over the Christmas holidays I was kept busy creating my head piece for my character Aphrodite. After creating the base made from felt and buckram, I moved on to the next exciting step namely decorating it! 

Here are the steps I followed: –

  • Took my plastic wig pattern with my model’s measurements and placed it on top of my felt hat and buckram base.
  • Cut around the lines drawn (of the hairline) so that it was the exact size of my model’s head.
  • Covered the buckram with wadding.
  • Covered the wadding (by using a sewing machine) with a beautiful white satin fabric (a light base) befitting royalty.
  • Lined inside scull with white satin for comfort and to produce a good finished look (machine sewn).
  • Tried to make heart shape with wire unsuccessfully. Decided against using wire.
  • Instead made large heart shape as my main feature using two lots of waist band interfacing (three folded for strength). 
  • Wrapped interfacing in 3″ wide red satin blanket ribbon and machine stitched.
  • Stitched one end of the interfacing to each side of the headpiece.
  • Stitched the other ends of the interfacing to the centre of the headpiece to create the perfect heart shape and to keep it upright as it would fall to the sides otherwise.
  • The outside ends of the heart (interfacing) were finished with a small red flower with a crystal in the centre (hand sewn).
  • Added accessories onto the head piece with Loctite super glue, starting with feathers in a white/nude colour which had a rippled effect through them.  Large sized feathers were placed closely together to completely cover the top of the head piece then smaller feathers were added to fill in gaps and to add extra thickness making the bottom more effective. Feathers were aligned in the shape and direction of real hair growth, with the hair falling naturally to the sides and back with an added fringe at the front.
  • Draped a piece of seaweed (handpicked from my hometown beach) from the back of the heart shape falling towards the front of the head piece, onto the fringe of the feathers.
  • Added shells (again handpicked from my hometown beach) by scattering them around the head piece. Some were kept in their natural wonderful colour (purple, white, green etc) and others were painted gold. Added a small gold shell at the very front of the head piece to resemble a jewel befitting a Goddess of the sea plus another one on the very top centre of the head. Placed a mixture of natural and gold coloured shells around the sides and back of the head piece.
  • Shiny, sparkly white medium sized jewels were dotted around the edges of the head piece for that extra touch to make it look both regal and striking. Smaller jewels were added around the head piece in between the feathers.
  • Finished off by placing jewels (resembling diamonds) on the outside of my heart shape to give the effect of a royal crown.

This head piece looks exactly how I wanted it to. It is a crown befitting the beautiful goddess of love Aphrodite who has come straight from the sea with a dove in her hand. Each feature of Aphrodite has been given an avant garde twist.

  • A unique giant bejewelled red love heart representing a regal crown of love.
  • Hair made from feathers representing the dove (bird of peace).
  • Shells from the ocean.
  • Seaweed from the beach.
  • Pearls from oysters in the ocean.
  • Goddess dress with upper half made from majestic golden pearls to cover the breast.
  • Bottom half made from black exquisite chiffon to represent the deepest part of the ocean.
  • Bubble wrap belted around the waist of the dress with eight straight lines of bubble wrap to represent both foam and an octopus from the ocean.
  • To complete the overall look, the model was given a golden facial make over befitting a Goddess.
  • She carries a beautiful dove representing universal love and peace.

Here is how it looks in the image below.

Head Dress

Head DressI found this task very difficult and I now fully appreciate that this type of work is not ideally suited to me, therefore theatre work (especially where this task would be given to me) is one which I would not enjoy. This task in my opinion was more fashion based and therefore the help of friends and family (such as one who is a costume designer) came in handy! Many of these tasks were a huge step for me, however I think that I coped well under the circumstances and produced a good, imaginative and provoking head design. A lot of time and money went into it but a special mention must be given to my art lessons which helped me enormously with regard to creativeness. I put lots of thought into this character especially the sea creature design of the outfit.

As always, in hindsight, I realise that I could have gone further with my design. The heart shape could have been filled to make it unmistakeably a heart just in case some audience members did not identify the profile. More feathers could have been used to make a full fringe which I did think about but decided against which I now regret. The facial makeup could have been contoured but again these errors are all part of my learning curve and I am fully aware of what I should do in future.

I may be asked to use these skills in the future as a self employed beauty therapist/makeup artist as clients can ask for help in these areas. However, I would keep my client involved at all levels from start to finish ensuring complete client satisfaction in all areas at all times.

Overall, I am pleased with my efforts on this task and have learned a great deal which will serve me well in my future career. It was a pleasure to work with a professional photographer once again and I am looking forward to seeing the results.

Here are the images below from the professional photo-shoot with Lance James!

Head Piece - Lance James Photography Shoot


Head Piece - Lance James Photography Shoot


Head Piece - Lance James Photography Shoot

Head Piece - Lance James Photography Shoot


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