Illamasqua Visit!

The fabulous brand of Illamasqua was introduced to my media makeup class on Wednesday (23rd January 2013) to provide all makeup students with an insight into their products and the techniques used to create remarkable images. A lovely male representative of theirs named Mika Johnson started the lecture by showing video clips from the Illamasqua website as well as YouTube footage of how they were founded and the many different makeup ranges they offer.

As he took us through some of the great products that are on offer, the skin base foundation was one which stood out for me as it appeared very good and seemed an ideal product to have in my makeup kit. This is because it was available in 26 different shades (including a white that can be used for highlighting) and can be mixed together to create another shade. The white shade can also be added to any foundation to bring it up a shade lighter. This foundation is easy to blend and can create any depth of coverage desired for any skin type. Mika himself uses these foundations on most clients for photo-shoots and they were great for use on the ‘Generation Q’ range models with a mature skin type.

Mika gave an example of his work ethic from his younger years as an artist when he decided to use a lip liner pencil as an eyeliner pencil. He was told that he could not use it for that purpose; however his view was that he believes all makeup products should have multiple uses rather than in just one key area. He proceeded to tell us that he does not look at products at face value. For example an eye shadow is not only an eye shadow, it is a pot of colour. This pot of colour can be used in various ways. A little bit put on a mascara wand then mixed with sealing gel can produce coloured liquid eyeliner, or adding the colour pigment to a small amount of skin base foundation makes a coloured foundation. This was extremely educational, I would never have thought to mix colour with a foundation and I now cannot wait to experiment with my products!

The most exciting part of this visit was when Mika gave us a demonstration. He did not really have a plan of what he was going to create on his model; however he wanted to use bright, vibrant colours which represent Illamasqua. He used a skin base foundation two shades lighter than the model’s skin tone for highlighting areas of the face before covering the other areas of the face with a matching foundation shade to her skin tone. He used a cream pigment for shading the face and spent much time blending until perfect which was good to see as up until now I have often been rushed in work experience events due to time limitation. I much prefer to take my time as Mika does and yield the perfect result! The model’s face shape became increasingly defined and it looked brilliant. He began to use vibrant colours such as yellow and orange on the face, across the cheekbones and on the chin which looked quite funny at first until he blended it so much that it just looked fantastic. He then took a pink blusher to the eyes and blended this downwards onto the nose for extra effects. Eyeliner was used to create a beautiful but subtle look with a flick on each eye, the eyebrows were given a fashion statement and gold was used around the eyes for that extra touch of style. Brightly coloured orange false lashes were then placed around the face and the lips were filled in using a purple shade. This was all incredibly creative and it gave me inspiration into creating more fashion looks of my own, using more vibrant, alternative colours rather than safe neutral colours.

I plan to visit the Illamasqua store in Leeds in the near future to try out their products myself and learn more, hopefully seeing more demonstrations of how to create other looks that interest me.

I thoroughly enjoyed this class and will keep my notes and photographs of Mika’s work for future reference. Everything I learned from Mika will be useful for my future career in beauty/makeup. Mika represents exactly the type of professional, talented and creative artist that I aspire to be. He is a wonderful role model for students. Below are images from start to finish of his makeup look.

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