Feedback from Course Tutors – Week 1 (Semester 2) of Year 2 Makeup Artistry & Special Makeup Effects

My feelings were mixed at the beginning of this week. A combination of excited optimism and apprehension. I was confident that my tutors knew I had continuously worked hard throughout semester one, accepting all new challenges that were set to test my capabilities in all aspects of this foundation degree namely the three core areas of PDP, Prosthetics and Further Media Makeup & Postiche.

PDP (Personal Development Planning) 
My expectation of  reasonably high grades came to fruition. This has always been my strong area as I continually strive to improve upon my writing skills by redrafting and editing all written work until I am fully satisfied with the end result. One of the very positive comments I received was that my letter writing in particular was “professional, polite and friendly”. My presentation skills and layout of work were also highly credited. The one area which needs to be enhanced is group presentation. As a naturally shy character, I find presenting to groups very challenging. However, it was noted that I have greatly improved since year one and this is an area where I intend to improve further by taking and using the excellent advice given to me by my tutors. Learning confidence techniques and growing in self awareness to reach my full potential is just as important as training and development in makeup and special effects. In semester two I am determined to present to class to the high standard expected at this stage of my degree. With the guidance and patience of my tutors, this goal can be achieved.
Having been delighted with the final result of my Minnie Mouse character, I hoped to achieve a good grade but was delighted when I got even better than expected. My research and written work was considered to be of a high standard which really pleased me as I did spend a lot of time on this task. My product knowledge, art work and design processes all received excellent feedback. My makeup and idea of Minnie Mouse was also highly praised. I must now continue to be more artistic and push myself further in all areas to reach even higher levels of grading. My art capabilities are continuing to improve with practice and this will continue to be work in progress.
Further Media Makeup and Postiche 
For me this is a particularly challenging area as there is so much involved in it. However, I worked very hard to achieve passes in all modules and I got my expected grade in Media. One very positive comment was my calmness and the way I work. Although I thought beauty/makeup was where I was best suited, I was thrilled when my tutor said she could see me in television work which has completely opened up my mind to this area and greatly boosted my confidence. Subsequently, I am now actively seeking work experience in television to determine if it is right for me. Although my research and design processes were complimented I need to research more thoroughly into how other makeup artists work and how I can progress in the future. With regards to art, it was suggested that I use crayons less for face charts and challenge myself with pastels and paints.
Overall, my feedback was very positive with solid constructive advice (all of which I will use.) This will help me towards attaining a long-term satisfying and fulfilling career in the field of makeup artistry. The wealth of learning, training and development I am receiving at university is equipping me with the skills and confidence I require for a successful future for which I am truly appreciative.

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