Further Media Makeup & Postiche – Week 2 (Semester 2) of Year 2 Makeup Artistry & Special Makeup Effects

In my first lesson of further media makeup and postiche I felt a bit anxious as the Christmas break had been so long it was a bit like being a new student again. The class had been asked to bring in full makeup kit including special effects products as we would be doing a character based task for film and television. Our challenge was to turn our model into a drug addicted prostitute victim on a television series e.g. Holby City, Lewis or Silent Witness.

I decided to apply very little base as I wanted my model’s skin to look pale, dry and rough. However, owing to her profession, I added lipstick, eye shadow and mascara (all smudged.) The smudging was to highlight the terrible conditions she suffers emotionally and physically. Furthermore I created small bruises, on the forehead and around one eye (insinuating a beating from a drug dealer or client).

Television makeup needs to be kept natural (less is more) as every detail shows up on camera especially in HD. Overuse of colour is so easily done especially when applying makeup for a prostitute as the temptation to use bright colours is strong. I actually fell into this trap even though I suspected in class that I should not have used the eyeshadow.

I have learned from this very silly error and am fully aware of the pitfalls to avoid when asked to create this type of image. It was an enjoyable task and very interesting to see the outcome of my fellow students work. Most of whom also fell into the trap of overusing colour.

I will be practicing many more tasks similar to this for a number of weeks which will allow me to experience the realities of working in television, for example, attaining high standards and deadlines for various challenges. This consistent practice will enhance my skills and confidence preparing me for my future career.


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