Prosthetics – Week 2 (Semester 2) of Year 2 Makeup Artistry & Special Makeup Effects

There were no prosthetics lessons this week as the tutors set the students a piece of homework to complete before returning to the normal weekly schedule. The task involved looking at this semesters assignment brief (based on either/or option to produce a creature head or body painting). From this, sketchbooks were to be used for research regarding inspirational materials for creatures. Decisions on which option to choose were not to be discussed with the tutors until the following week. The tutors did not want just one design, but as many as possible therefore I knew I would be formalising my chosen design at a later date.

After thorough research I decided to produce one full page of images that I found the most inspirational using Google images, having found various ugly, bizarre, scary and beautiful creatures of all kinds. Listing the points of why I found them to be so inspiring coupled with what makes them interesting was straightforward.

For my next stage (using three pages,) I wanted to research into just one artist alone who works in creature design in order to gain as much information as possible about them to gain a clear insight into their job role. The artist I found is named Joseph C.Pepe whose job title is Character and Creature Designer. I found an excellent  online interview which was very informative therefore I decided to write about each section of the interview which entails questions and answers of everything a student like me needs to know. Starting with brief information about him, I then wrote subtitles covering subjects such as his education, his loves and dreams, from which artists he gains inspiration plus various other questions that were extremely interesting.

This plentiful material enabled me to learn so much about his life, from growing up in an artistic family with a strong creative passion, to then working hard at that creativity to get to where he is now. He even gives tips to people who are wishing to start a career in movies where his success lies. One of my two favourite quotes that he gave is “Do not turn other types of artwork down, you never know who you will meet that could hire you on another project.” I love this because I find that there are areas of every subject that can be seen as ‘uninteresting’ or ‘hard work’, however it just shows that if you push yourself and do that work, even if it is not the most enjoyable, you may just be asked to do another task that is in the area you love. The second quote is “Although there is a lot of negativity in the film industry, ignore it best you can and concentrate on doing art and being creative. If you don’t, you get caught up in sh*t and derailed from your goals.” I have found in the industry of both beauty and makeup that there is a lot of negativity, for example from others judging how you apply your makeup, whether you have worked to their personal “ideals or standards” or just plain jealousy. From this, I have learnt that the only way to move on from needless negative catty comments is to mentally give them wings and let them fly off into oblivion. In any workplace there will always be negativity so never be put off by it, having self belief, confidence in your abilities and being true to yourself will urge you on. After all, what is the worst that can happen? By standing up for yourself you become stronger and more capable for the next task ahead.

Here is the website link to the website with the full interview for those interested in reading further details.

I am very excited about this task and I am confident that whichever option I decide to take, I will become more creative in my work and hope to go “wild” with it.

Below are images taken from the pages created in my sketchbook.


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