Prosthetics – Week 3 (Semester 2) of Year 2 Makeup Artistry & Special Makeup Effects

In my first prosthetics class after the Christmas break, I had my creature research at hand and was ready to learn more about our assignment brief for the semester and what exactly our tasks would be. The tutors started off the lesson with the basics, such as what a creature means to us, what points we must know by the end of this module and the three different options for us to choose namely (1) creating a creature’s head as part of a partnership, (2) creating a creature’s head solely or (3) creating a fantasy full body creature incorporating body paint. We spoke briefly about the processes of making a creature’s head, including animatronics as well as a prosthetic piece to fit on a model’s head. Certain products that students may come across were described and I felt like there was a whole new exciting side to special effects being opened up to me.

The starting procedure to making a creature’s head is of course making the frame, also known as the armature. In the image below it shows one which our tutor has created. Those students designing their own head pieces will have to make something very similar to this.

photo (1)

The skills and knowledge learnt in this module will be very useful to me particularly with regard to stimulating my creativity. I have already decided that option 3 would suit me best as the full creature design using body paint is more applicable to my skills and talents. This is the fashion/makeup industry route as opposed to the workshop options. My passion is definitely for working within makeup artistry rather than special effects and by choosing this option I will endeavour to create something new and exciting to add to my portfolio. This is by far the hardest challenge yet however I am deeply excited at the prospect of meeting this difficult task. The possible careers for this type of work are mould making, sculpting, prosthetics or being a creature designer.


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