Further Media Makeup & Postiche – Week 3 (Semester 2) of Year 2 Makeup Artistry & Special Makeup Effects

This lesson was spent doing another practical makeup only this time it was for a beautiful bride/celebrity on the red carpet look as opposed to a grim drug addicted image. The requirements for the beautiful look were a flawless base and attractive smoky eyes. My model for this task was a 1st year performing arts student named Leah who was more than friendly and an absolute pleasure to work with.

To achieve this task, I first concealed certain areas of the face such as the eyes, nose and some blemished areas of the cheeks and chin. I then highlighted the under eye area, the centre of the nose, underneath the cheekbones and the middle areas of the forehead and chin. After this, I shaded the outer side of the highlighting down the nose, the side parts of the forehead and finally underneath the highlighting across the cheekbones. Afterwards, foundation was added around these areas which were then correctly blended before setting with a transparent powder. I used a rose blush on the apple of the cheeks which looked fabulous on my light skin toned model! My wonderfully clever Naked2 Urban Decay palette was ideal for creating a brownish coloured smoky eye look as I knew this would suit my model. I used shades ‘Foxy’ and ‘Bootycall’ as a base, shades ‘Half Baked’ and ‘Chopper’ for colour and shades ‘Snakebite’ and ‘Busted’ for shading. The final few steps to complete this look were to fill in the eyebrows with a brown eyebrow definer pen, add black eye-liner to the top lid with a flick on the ends, mascara to the lashes to create a natural but luscious long length finishing with a purplish toned lipstick to the lips to create the wow factor.

The images below show my look.

These makeup techniques and skills would be used in the fashion industry such as catwalk and photography, but also for bridal and possibly television/film. They are exactly what I would use as a self employed beauty/makeup consultant which is where I see my future career.


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