Prosthetics – Week 4 (Semester 2) of Year 2 Makeup Artistry & Special Makeup Effects

In this lesson the tutors discussed creature design again as it involves a wide range of intricate tasks which need careful thought due to their level of difficulty. They spoke about how to make a creature’s head, the process from start to finish together with the instruments and products used. We covered animatronics yet again and discovered how exactly it is used, delving further into what products are combined when using animatronics. A chart was given out to help the class breakdown the different pieces required e.g. an animatronic head, a prop, a prosthetic, images, possible materials used and notes on each.

The tutors spoke about the assignment brief and the tasks involved particularly tasks 1 and 2 as they require a lot of understanding about products, health and safety, skills plus a good understanding of all steps to making a creature’s head. Even students like myself who are not going to be making a creature’s head but instead are creating a full body creature using paint must show an understanding and be able to write about it in their work.

It is vital that all students must learn and fully comprehend the whole process from start to finish which seems daunting right now. However with several pages of notes that I can revise coupled with determination, I will soon feel much more confident and things will become much clearer.

This knowledge would be needed by artists working in sculpting, moulding or creature design and I can now see clearly just how different it is from the area of makeup artistry that I would like to be in. The products, skills and health and safety features are completely different in these two areas of makeup artistry. However, I will benefit from all knowledge and skills learnt in this assignment as my creative side is being tested which will strengthen it plus I will be able to keep all notes and images for future reference in the event I am ever asked to produce or help in this type of work in my future career.

I came across a YouTube link of the ‘Angry Man Hulk’ being sculpted which I found fascinating, you can all view it here: –

This artist has uploaded many videos providing the detailed step by step process in sculpting different creatures such as Hercules. These will really help me within my creature design tasks.


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