End of Year Show!

In Semester 1, my year group was given a task to create business ideas to promote in a dragon’s den type scenario (the tutors both judging and firing questions at us.) We were not made aware of what would happen with these ideas.  As there were too many popular business ideas to decide on just one, the tutors came up with their own solution that the whole year group could work together. Using the skills identified from the dragon’s den task, we are now obligated to promote our acquired professional skills to the best of our advantage within an industry situation.

The task is to work as a complete group which may however be split into teams to work towards creating an end of year show (14th June 2013). This will be a full day and evening  event in the school of art and design where both students and members of the public will be able to come along and see all art students (from a variety of subjects) displaying their work and achievements. The rules are to produce 5 looks (using different genres covered in our degree) using 5 different models (ourselves or volunteers) with 3 out of the 5 looks incorporating brow adornment.

We decided to host our first full group meeting soon after being informed about this task and decided on what genres we would produce, where we would find our models, who would be our photographer, how to raise money to put towards this event for materials and other expenses, ways to advertise and promote the event in order to get professionals and future employers there and finally who would create face charts and mood boards as certain students are more artistically gifted than others. We agreed that each student should work in an area that they felt was their strongest point to ascertain the best results for this show. In addition the group also decided that it would be professional to have a themed   show namely the Oscars. Furthermore, we thought that we would complete the authenticity by agreeing to dress up in beautiful gowns and have 2 male models (body painted in gold) stood each side of the door to welcome in the guests.

The genres chosen are:

  • Group 1 –  SFX Look Using Prosthetics
  • Group 2 –  SFX Extreme Casualty Look
  • Group 3 –  Body Painting Using Small Prosthetics
  • Group 4 –  High Fashion Look Using One of Our Head Pieces
  • Group 5 –  An Avant Garde Historical Look Using Creative Hair

I chose group 2 immediately as I absolutely loved working on my special effects task in semester 1 of year 1 (creating a casualty). I feel that I do not get much opportunity to work on special effects as my main work now is beauty images, however beauty was not an option and it is always good to have a change and stretch one’s skills. I will most certainly enjoy finishing my degree with the same task that I thoroughly enjoyed at the start!!  My aim is to provoke the audience into experiencing a number of emotions including spine tingling shock, sympathy and intrigue.

Models have already started coming forward via our website ‘Model Mayhem’ and so far, all the groups have produced fantastic and creative ideas. With regard to tasks, this event is quite far back at the moment but it will be an excellent final task to do and a wonderful way of blending our skills together as a united group. Hopefully, it will prove to be very successful, professional, enjoyable and memorable.


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