Portfolio Task

This task (given by my work based learning tutor) was produced for the purpose of encouraging all students to showcase their skills and talents via an online portfolio (to professional website standards) that can be viewed by both clients and potential employers.

Before I begin compiling my own online portfolio, I will research and analyse three professional makeup artists who currently have websites. My analysis will include an overall description of their sites including presentation, genres covered, makeup techniques, number of images, and finally my critique of each with a mark out of ten.

1- The first makeup artist I assessed is Rebekah McVitie who can be found at the following web address:


Firstly, I consider layout to be exceedingly important when visiting a website therefore I was instantly impressed with Rebekah’s homepage which had a list of categories to emphasise what genres she covers, namely fashion, beauty, covers and grooming (male). Furthermore there were three large (interesting) head and shoulder images. It was evidently clear to see by her home page in which areas her professional work lay which in turn indicated what her blog would contain. Indeed the blog showcased well over one hundred images covering all her genres which were typical of any good makeup artist. Her website was very easy to navigate and after clicking the ‘about’ and ‘services’ categories, I learned that Rebekah is an experienced Edinburgh (Scotland) based Makeup Artist who offers makeup and hair design for photographic, fashion, editorial, commercial and weddings.  Given that both her parents were art teachers it is obvious she has spent her lifetime immersed in art. Her freelance background lies in film, television, commercial and editorials spaced over a decade whilst working in London. This is an extensive variety of work experience which gives her an increased chance of attracting clientele. She offered one large category in her blog namely ‘bridal’ which was obviously where most of her professional work now lies. The bridal category contained 21 photographs which were disappointingly very small in size therefore you had to click on them to view larger sizes through a slideshow. The makeup techniques used were subtlety and understatement to create beautiful natural looks ensuring the bride/family and friends looked confident, happy and relaxed. Overall I award Rebekah 7/10 for her interesting and informative site.

2- The second makeup artist I assessed is LilyLiu who can be found at the following web address:


I loved how appealing this website was as soon as it appeared on my screen. The homepage has a mixture of striking black and white/colourful images (7 in total) which create an instant good impression and are viewed quite simply by using a sliding bar underneath them.  It was slightly difficult to browse through the images at first as the bar does not always appear. Sometimes, you have to click on the first image then you have a sliding show!!! I did not think that this would be suitable for every type of audience.  Although it is very creative and different, I.T. users who are not familiar with viewing portfolios may struggle. Her qualifications include makeup/fashion and hair. In addition she has 5 years experience (including modelling) in Photographic, Fashion, Beauty (particularly bridal) and the Film/Tv industry, (London based.) Unfortunately, however her portfolio is limited and disappointingly the same 7 images are on her blog. The makeup techniques used were bold in both the black & white and coloured images. In particular the underwater images were powerful. I would rate this portfolio 8/10 as despite the lack of images the 7 shown were modern and edgy. This site could be improved by simply adding a variety of unique looks together with improving access to easy viewing.

3- The third makeup artist I assessed is Joy David Tilberg (my favourite of the three) who can be found at the following web address:


As soon as I saw this WordPress blog, it reminded me of my own site on WordPress with the major difference being this is a renowned International artist. The layout and navigation is perfectly clear, colourful and very interesting with a great variety of categories to choose from. The main one that I was interested in was the ‘portfolio’ which to my pleasant surprise, when hovering over it, created a menu list. This list contains 9 genres showcasing perfectly the abundance of areas Joy works in. Another very pleasant surprise was the showcasing of “behind the scenes” which was fascinating. There is so much to look through in this blog which is not just informative but entertaining. The makeup techniques used varied from exceedingly subtle natural beauty to the other extreme.  The methods employed to showcase the images are also fantastic.  Images can easily be highlighted in large view, with the other roll of images much smaller until you click to change. This allows you to concentrate fully on individual images. Without doubt, Joy (Toronto based) deserves to have an International reputation with a large following. I would without a doubt rate this portfolio 10/10 in fact I am now a follower!


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