Rimmel Wake Me Up Makeup Range

Having heard rave reviews from a friend (makeup artist) I decided to try this range myself. I looked at the full range at my local Superdrug store.


This is advertised as having an anti-fatigue effect with a radiant glow. Furthermore, it boasts having a full coverage that visibly reawakens and illuminates under the eyes and completely conceals spots and other blemishes. It also contains peptides and a vitamin moisturising complex.

Pleasingly, this product does most of what it says and I loved how easy it can be dabbed under the eyes using the tiniest amount covering the whole area you wish to conceal. It blends very well into the skin as it is so moisturising which is a huge bonus as there is nothing worse than having patchy, obvious makeup. In addition it does help to conceal dark circles, however it does not provide full 100% coverage and I am still waiting for that magic product on the market that does completely hide dark circles! There are just 2 shades available namely ivory and soft beige. For my skin tone ivory is the much lighter and obvious option. It would be nicer to have more options, as there is a slight tan to it which looks darker than the foundation. Fortunately the foundation covers it and blends well so that it is not obvious. This concealer is priced at £5.49 which is a very reasonable buy and worth testing.


The foundation is beautifully presented in an hour glassed shaped bottle (made of glass) which is appealing, lightweight and easy to hold in your hand if you wish to apply makeup at the same time. It is said to visibly reawaken and illuminate the skin with a radiant glow producing a flawless natural-looking finish. Furthermore, it offers an instant anti-fatigue effect and contains peptides and a vitamin moisturising complex.

I would say that this is a fair assessment and although I have not been wearing it for long (therefore unable to test it in warm weather) it has so far proved to be excellent in the cold weather and has kept my skin moisturised and looking extremely radiant. Delightfully, I have had many compliments from friends on how very well I look which I credit to this foundation which suits me perfectly. Only a small amount needs to be used to produce a very natural finish similar to a glowing moisturiser. This foundation is available in 6 shades and is priced very reasonably at £8.99 which I wholeheartedly recommend trying for all skin types.

Instant Radiance Shimmer Touch:

Last but not least, the product that I picked up as an extra was the Instant Radiance Shimmer Touch. This is said to be a lightweight, ultra-blendable mousse formula that gives an instant touch of radiance. It wakes up skin with a healthy-looking glow and provides a long lasting flush of colour. Once I tested this on my hand I knew immediately that I had to try it as it produced such a beautiful effect on my porcelain skin tone. There were 2 shades available; the shimmering sand or radiant rose. I chose the shimmering sand as it provides a golden shimmer whereas the radiant rose presents a pinkie tone (nice to have a choice).

I love using it across my cheekbones on a daily basis.  Under spotlights it highlights a beautiful shimmer that everybody loves. At the budget price of £4.99 I would say it is a bargain and you only need to use a pin drop of the product to blend over the desired area. I am certain that this will last me a long time which is excellent value for money and therefore highly recommend it.


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