Further Media Makeup & Postiche – Week 8 (Semester 2) of Year 2 Makeup Artistry & Special Makeup Effects

There were no lessons this week therefore I worked from home.

I have planned out my final 6 portfolio images that I will be creating over the coming weeks, these are:

  1. (Album Cover) – A Colourful Doll Inspired by Artist Nicki Minaj
  2. Traditional Wedding – The Bride
  3. (Inspiration from an Artist) A B&W Optical Illusion Look Inspired by Valeria Kuts
  4. (Fantasy Creature Design) – Half Man, Half Lizard Body Painting
  5. 1950’s Historical Fashion Look
  6. Basic SFX Casualty
  7. Vintage Wedding – The Bride

So far, I have already created two of the six which are my 1950’s look and my basic SFX casualty which now need to be Photo-shopped to achieve maximum effects. Furthermore I have practiced my traditional wedding makeup, began experimenting for my creature design and recently practiced for my vintage wedding makeup. Below are images of where my inspiration came from to create a vintage wedding look:-


0000000193608Below is an image that I have created after taking inspiration from these vintage makeup looks, minus the hairstyle as I could not use the University’s facilities (red lips and a wave of flicked black eyeliner are the dominant features).

All of the skills/techniques used for these 6 looks will definitely help me in the future as this is the type of makeup I wish to create for future clients/employers. My portfolio will showcase a variety of looks to highlight my diverse range of skills and creativity. This will avoid the danger of appearing plain and bland (like it possibly could if it was all bridal looks).

I fully understand the need to create a portfolio which is appealing, thought provoking, diverse and creative as there is so much competition in my chosen field. My aim is to catch the attention of potential clientele with the portfolio cover photo and take them on a creative journey which they find enjoyable, emotional ,interesting and leaves them wanting to see more.


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