Prosthetics – Week 8 (Semester 2) of Year 2 Makeup Artistry & Special Makeup Effects

This week I finalised my fantasy creature design after thorough research for inspirational ideas coupled with a practise session. My design process is to create a hybrid of half man half lizard on a male model which I think will look fantastic, especially on a toned, muscular body. This idea developed from researching how other males have been used as creatures for body painting, looking into a variety of creatures and finally being inspired with the techniques used which I hope will enable me to create a fantastic unique design. As much as I would like to follow my design chart precisely, there will always be a slight change in the position and marks of my paint as there is so much detail, however I will produce something that is completely my own idea. Below are images of my body charts to help gain an insight of what will be produced:

In addition I have been thinking about using prosthetics to increase the attention to detail of my creature and have found a great prosthetic lizard tongue on the internet for a reasonable price. Originally, I was going to make my own prosthetics (ears) which would be ideal for an alien type creature, however for my lizard (I want to make it different to others), getting a tongue will make it distinctive.

With my plan now complete, I have purchased appropriate and relevant paints. Snazaroo paint pots are my chosen medium (a very popular choice) as they provide ample coverage and easy application by mixing them with just water. Colour options that I will use for my design include black, lime green, yellow and white taking into account quantity required of each for example, the black will cover almost the full body, therefore I have opted for the 75ml pot, whereas for white I have opted for the 18ml pot. I look forward to them arriving so that in my next lesson I can practice using them with different materials, before creating the full design on my model.

During this week the students enjoyed a visit from a professional foam latex runner named Gilles Paillet who told us about his line of work and how it links in with our creature design project. Gilles is a self-taught artist because when he first developed an interest in this type of work, there was nowhere he could study in his home country of France. After becoming such a talented, hardworking man, he now works at Millennium Effects working on countless large name productions. His portfolio includes working on high profile projects such as Doctor Who (creating the cyber men in series 7), some of the latest films including Prometheus and Werewolf and he also created the Shrek’s hood in the musical. To see examples of his line of work, have a look on the link below which gives images of some of the projects he showed us in this lesson:

My favourite image shown in this lesson was a 400 pound man made from a silicone suit that he created. He explained how extremely heavy it was for the model to wear and how he could not even stand up in it which is just incredible.

It was enjoyable, interesting and informative to gain an insight into the work of another professional from the makeup artistry industry before my classes comes to an end, even if it is not in the specialism that I want to go into. This type of work is suitable for body painters, special effects artists, creature designers, prosthetic artists or foam latex runners like Gilles himself.


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