Prosthetics – Week 9 (Semester 2) of Year 2 Makeup Artistry & Special Makeup Effects

This was the final week of creature design before the Easter break. Both my Snazaroo paints and designs were at hand for my practice session which I really looked forward to and could not wait to see the outcome. My plan was to take my time experimenting with colours, create the designed patterns and shapes around the body with appropriate shades matching my design chart with precision techniques.

Firstly, I created a base on my model with various colours for different areas of the skin. By spraying a small amount of water into each palette (one at a time) coupled with washing the brushes used in-between, I could create a great coverage and pleasingly all of the colours were very bright, bold and appealing. The yellow was perhaps a bit too bright; therefore the next time I practice, I will water it down more. However, as for the lime green, black and white, they were absolutely perfect and only one layer was needed to make a smooth, full coverage. My tutor commented on how effective it looked from a distance which is what I hoped to achieve as it meant my creature will look fantastic on camera. This was delightful and very encouraging positive feedback which I really appreciated.

Once the base was dry, I could then create my detailed shapes (mostly circular) of white and black to create a lizard’s scaly skin texture. To achieve the best result I used one of my small, round brushes, dabbing it in the appropriate colour and pressing it onto the skin. Although this worked, the circles were slightly too big, looking too obvious like I had just pressed a circular shape of paint onto the skin. Even though I tried to correct this problem by taking advice from my tutor and shading around areas of the circles to form extra detail, it still left my piece looking like it was too obvious what I had done. This was a very disappointing result. Therefore the next time I practice, I will improve on my look by drawing more freehand and using other objects that are perhaps smaller or a more interesting shape. The more materials and methods I experiment with will ensure improvement on my overall piece and after another two or three practice sessions, I should have enhanced my creature design to a high professional standard that I am happy with. The image below shows what I produced in this lesson. Unfortunately, I could not create my design on the chest area due to my model having a rash.


A date has now been put in place for the photo-shoot of this project with Lance James (Photographer) for the 29th April 2013. I am very excited and looking forward to this day, especially as it is another exciting image to add to my portfolio!


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