Working with the Photography Students

I have recently been in touch with the photography students at Bradford College as my Photoshop lessons and portfolio building task is coming to an end. For this reason, I crave the opportunity to work alongside a professional standard Photographer who can assist me on three shoots that I need to complete. The Photographer I require needs to have previous experience with photo-shoots and be happy to work in the bridal/glamorous area of makeup (ideally someone wishing to pursue a career in wedding Photography). They must also know how to use Photoshop (much better than I can) furthermore, their skills must include being able to alter the lighting and contrast, smooth the skin, brighten certain features and change the background in images where required.

After seeing the fantastic results a friend of mine created using her skills in SFX makeup coupled with the help of a photography student named Clinton Lofthouse, I was intrigued to find out how this was produced and if I could achieve  something similar for my line of work. Therefore, I contacted Clinton to enquire if he had the time to help me with my work or if he could recommend another photographer that could be of help. He kindly informed me that he would love to have helped, however like most students he is inundated with work including shoots with other people that requested his help at an earlier date. This was disappointing; however he did offer to contact another student that may be interested named Rachel Bennett who has not only experience in many bridal shoots but is also very competent in using Photoshop which is ideal. Clinton did mention that if Rachel was not able to Photoshop any photographs at my request, then he would step in which was exceedingly kind of him.

Fortunately, Rachel did contact me requesting information on my exact requirements and I was praying that she would say yes! Luckily for me, she was very happy to help and we have made plans to produce at least two photo-shoots which I am hugely excited about.  This agreement will come to fruition as soon as possible after the Easter break when we can confirm dates and times suitable to both parties. The remaining challenge for me is I now need to get my models and costumes confirmed for the appropriate times.

As Rachel has been so kind and helpful, I would like to promote her services by promoting her Facebook link:-


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