Helena Rubinstein Skincare & Makeup Range

I have not heard much about Helena Rubinstein or her products so I was very intrigued to receive a gift set as a Christmas present which included three different HR (Helena Rubinstein) products; an eye makeup remover, mascara and an eye serum.

Firstly, the eye makeup remover comes in a lovely clear, slightly diamond shaped bottle containing a turquoise coloured remover. This product is said to gently and instantly remove makeup including waterproof substances. This does exactly what it says. By simply using a small amount on a cotton pad my eye-shadow and mascara were removed in less than a minute. It is fragrance free and I have no negative issues regarding this product.

Secondly, the mascara named ‘glorious mascara for striking curl and volume’ is presented in the most beautiful gold sleek tube which I would usually expect to see on one of the high quality makeup counters such as Chanel or Dior. As well as being extremely attractive, the mascara wand is very long and easy to apply, giving a great application of thick, long black lashes. Although it is very nice, I have plenty of favourite mascaras already which I would not replace.

Thirdly, the collagenist eye zoom with pro-Xfill cream is said to firm and replump the eye area. This works similar to other eye serums I have tried and although it firms my eye area, it does not brighten or take away dark circles. I much prefer using Argan oil (reviewed earlier). I will keep this in my makeup kit to see how clients find it as it may work better on someone of an older age.

Helena Rubinstein products can be bought in outlet stores in the UK.  As this was a gift I do not know the price but outlet stores are very reasonably priced.

I recommend trying HR products particularly if the price is very reasonable.


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