Further Media Makeup & Postiche – Week 10 (Semester 2) of Year 2 Makeup Artistry & Special Makeup Effects

This was both a very exciting and busy week for me as I had 2 photo-shoots booked on Tuesday 16th April, on top of my class sessions. These two looks included my traditional and vintage bridal images which were crucial for my portfolio. These bridal images had to be perfect as bridal makeup is an area that I wish to successfully work in. I was fully organised having arranged time schedules for both the models and the Photographer (Rachel Bennett) a fellow student who not only loves working in wedding photography but has successfully completed some professional work in this area in her free time.

I took my vintage bride model (who I was working with first) into my morning class session and used a heated bendy set on her hair to create beautiful long wavy curls throughout. My preparation included bringing both clothing (a beautiful crochet cardigan and lace top which were both white and appropriately sized) and accessories (pearl earrings, a pearl necklace and a bouquet of red flowers). My aim for this look was to connect the vintage clothing and accessories to the vintage makeup to produce an authentic bride from yesteryear.  To enhance authenticity, I wrapped the cardigan over the lace top holding with a small pin (not visible to the eye). The makeup and hair involved a beautiful golden/brown eye shade with flicked black liner, darkened, thick and long brows, a porcelain face with a rosy glow and shocking red lips, with a large curly bun to one side of the head. I allowed myself up to 2 hours for this look, excluding the time for the photo-shoot. Here is a sneak peak image from the shoot in the image below.

As for my second model (the traditional look), I had made plans well in advance including purchasing a beautiful gown as well as accessories (earrings and a bouquet of cream/ivory flowers) that would match perfectly.  Furthermore, I had the perfect makeup essentials that would produce the desired look and knew exactly how I wanted to style the hair. The makeup and hair involved a beautifully natural gold shimmer to the eyes with false lashes and black liner, very thick and dark brows, a glowing complexion with a good use of shading, natural glossy purplish lips and a high top large bun with a flower to the side. Excluding the time for the photo-shoot, I allocated 75 minutes to complete this image.

I caught a small glimpse of the images on camera and they look wonderful, therefore I cannot wait to receive them all on a disk in just a week’s time. These will make great portfolio images as they look beautiful and will definitely attract bridal clientele. In my future career I will be much more composed and relaxed knowing that I will spend a lot of time with brides to be ensuring I understand what look they are aiming for. I will provide as much practice/experimentation time as they want to ensure they are happy with the final chosen image. My aim is to provide the perfect image for each bride to completely fulfil the wish of every bride which is the perfect fairy-tale wedding day irrespective of financial wedding costs. Whether a bride is celebrating a huge wedding in a castle or a small registry office, my commitment to provide the highest of professional standards will be exactly the same.

I now need to concentrate on my look inspired by artist Valeria Kuts with a practice session being carried out this week and hopefully my final photo-shoot for this will be scheduled in a week’s time. Fortunately, I am on schedule to finishing my portfolio well within the given time, which offers extra time to have them printed to standard copies and put into a presentation for my fellow peers.

Organising, planning and fulfilling my portfolio assignment has been a heady mixture of excitement, pressure and anxiety, but most of all it has been thrilling to be working independently as a makeup artist designing my own unique creations and working with professionals. I have loved every minute of it. Feeling the pressure is natural of any profession and this adrenalin rush is part of the motivation to work hard and produce the highest standards possible.


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