Prosthetics – Week 10 (Semester 2) of Year 2 Makeup Artistry & Special Makeup Effects

This was the first week back after Easter break and I felt under pressure coupled with nervous excitement as there were only a couple of lessons left before the big day of producing my final creature design piece. I planned to spend this week working hard on my design and practicing with different materials to find a better result than what I had produced in my previous attempt. Having purchased some natural sponges as well as a couple of professional very fine artist brushes I hoped to greatly improve my creature design.

In class time, the tutor told us to work on our designs and to create bigger and better face/body charts (preferably of A3 size). As I had already produced my small A4 body charts of the front and back body using crayon pencils I used them to help create a breakdown of each body part using Snazaroo paints (to make it as realistic as possible to how the body will look) on an A3 size chart as requested. The image below shows this breakdown of the body parts.

With great enthusiasm I practiced on the face and neck area as this is where I want to create something amazing which will stand out, as well as painting the legs as I have not painted this area yet which is crucial for my final image. Obviously I stuck to the same base of Snazaroo paints which I knew would give a great coverage once again, however changing the colours around so that the face was green as opposed to yellow (not looking like a giraffe!). I tried using one of the natural sponges, dipping it in white paint and dabbing onto the green paint to see the effect and I loved how it looked. This was much more natural than creating the texture myself drawing free hand. However, I did still try to draw extra texture free hand with white marks and a black outer ring but it still did not look right. Here is how it looks in the images below.

By practicing and testing various designs I am now much happier with the fact that my final design is improving. Furthermore, I know exactly what I need to improve on and what I like and dislike about my current design. It is imperative that I practice full body painting on my model to perfect my final look and equally important to gauge an estimate of time required to create my design so that I can fully prepare myself for the big day and book a slot with Photographer Lance James.

Finally, next week I also need to find a solution of how best to decorate my model’s shorts as I wish to create a lizard texture. I thought that using fuller’s earth powder may be a good idea, however after research, I found that it is said to work better on the skin and not materials such as cotton as it can peel off easily. Adding in latex may help to stick to my shorts; however I am going to look around on the market before rushing into making my decision. I am determined to find the ideal solution and feel very excited about my unique design.


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