Prosthetics – Week 11 (Semester 2) of Year 2 Makeup Artistry & Special Makeup Effects

Unbelievably, my 2 year foundation degree is coming to an end therefore this will be my final blog post for the creature design module!

During this week I worked long and hard finalising assignment deadlines and giving 100% in each task until I was happy with everything.  This included a practice run of creature body painting on my classmate during class sessions and also on my chosen model outside of University hours. With practice, I am finding this challenging design less worrying especially as working from my design charts makes it so much simpler than working freestyle. Although I was happy with the initial trial on my female model with regards to some of the design, I also felt that some shapes scattered around the body were not quite right, therefore I decided to purchase and use a stencil (in the design of a lizard skin) on my male model to see if I could obtain a neater finish. The stencil was much smaller than it looked when I ordered it, therefore this was a disappointment, furthermore, the fact that it was made of plastic and was very bendy made it extremely difficult to work with. However, on the positive side I liked the fact that it gave me ideas of different shapes to work from especially as working freehand takes much longer which is frustrating when covering the entire body. In addition, I discovered that when painting, the stencil gets covered in paint, then when you place it on a different area of the body it leaves trails which could prove annoying, however it worked for my design as the skin colouring is not even so all of the different details and textures worked very well together to create a realistic lizard’s skin.

Later in the week I worked on my model’s outfit which consisted of a pair of plain black boxers (nothing else). My aim was to blend these boxers with the skin so that they are not noticeable. As the boxers had a black base, I used my stencil to paint on green and yellow shapes, followed by a white sponge texture to match the skin. I love the prosthetic tongue that I purchased and think that it completes the look perfectly. Although it held on very well, my model said it felt uncomfortable and coped very well by keeping it in whilst the photos were taken. The images below show my design on my female model (unfortunately, I was not able to take images of my chosen male model).

photo (14)

I feel both confident and fully prepared for the photo shoot. I have ample paints coupled with good quality brushes, sponges and accessories. This design takes approximately 3 hours to complete and I intend to take photos throughout the application.

In my future career this design would be perfect for specialist makeup such as Halloween or fancy dress.


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