My Clinique Purchase

clinique-moisture-surge-cc-cream-hydrating-colour-corrector-broad-spectrum-spf-30I have recently been intrigued by some products  advertised on both the Clinique website and in various magazines. In particular, the new Moisture Surge  CC Cream  SPF 30 Hydrating Colour Corrector is very popular and receiving  great reviews. I felt that the time was right  for me to test some of these products  as I had not worn their brand for a year or two. Furthermore their online website was offering five free gifts with any purchase (when spending over £30).

I visited my local Boots store’s Clinique counter and spoke to a lovely assistant who was a combined makeup artist and beauty therapist (like myself). As we got chatting, I told her about my sensitive skin issues and what I hoped to gain from purchasing new products  (cover red blemishes and have a flawless, even skin tone). I knew which products  I wanted to try (including the CC Cream), which were the Redness Solutions Corrector and the Redness Solutions Powder.

photo (1)The Moisture Surge CC Cream SPF 30 Hydrating Colour Corrector promises to help change red, sallow, dull or ashy skin-tones back to healthy looking skin using the smart colour correcting technology. It is a lasting, oil-free hydration as well as a sunscreen, meaning a more flawless look tomorrow too. It is suitable for all skin types and the coverage is moderate. For a 40ml tube, the  price is £28.00.

The Redness Solutions Corrector is a handy little stick that is creamy and yellow-hued and said to immediately neutralise the look of irritation and red skin. This unique stick concealer helps correct and soothes reactive skin on contact and it works with all skin tones. The stick is priced at £17.00.

photo (2)The Redness Solutions Powder is available in two compacts; there is an Instant Relief Mineral Pressed Powder available, and also an Instant Relief Mineral Powder. They are both lightweight, yellow mineral powders that immediately reduce the appearance of redness and can be used both under and over makeup, however the pressed powder is an easier (and portable) compact version of the mineral powder. These masters of disguise remove problems the moment you brush them on as they use colour science to  instantly help  vanish  both visible redness and broken capillaries for hours. The unique patient-pending formula also helps to keep the skin cool. They can be used on all skin types giving a sheer to moderate finish, the Pressed Powder is priced at £25.00 and the Mineral Powder is priced at £24.50.

The assistant offered me a makeover to test these products which I thoroughly enjoyed. After she prepared my skin by means of cleansing and moisturising, she firstly applied the Redness Solutions Corrector to underneath my eyes as she said it was very good for covering dark circles  and then applied a little to the cheek areas which were my main concern. After this, she applied a very thin layer of the CC Cream using a foundation brush and really blended it into the skin well, before finishing off with brushing on a layer of the Redness Solutions Instant Mineral Pressed Powder. Looking in the mirror afterwards, my skin did look very healthy and was glowing, however I felt the CC Cream was just far too natural for my liking, moreover I did not receive the coverage I wanted, even after she  applied a second layer.

clinique_V_21apr09_PR_btAs usual when looking at a beautiful assistant, I was attracted to what she was wearing herself as her complexion looked wonderful. She told me that she was wearing the Clinique Even Better Foundation SPF 15 which I requested to try on (again, over the top of the Redness Solutions Corrector). This foundation is an oil-free formula and a powerful foundation developed to help combat hyper-pigmentation and deliver brighter skin, both immediately and over time. It includes benefits to help even skin tone and SPF protection to help prevent future hyper-pigmentation and provides a moderate to full coverage, leaving the skin instantly perfected with a unique mineral blend. It is suitable for all skin types and is great for anti-aging, to treat uneven skin tone and is long wearing (priced at £23.00 for a 30ml bottle).

 The assistant applied this foundation (a very light layer), blending it  well into my skin, before applying the Instant Mineral Pressed Powder again. These products  felt wonderful and also looked much better than when wearing the CC Cream. However, it  was still more natural than how I would apply it. As I could see that my overall complexion looked more to my taste I decided to  purchase them.

photo (9)Disappointingly, I was told that in store you could only get one free gift as opposed to receiving five online. However I did have my skin tone matched up so I knew exactly what to buy and I decided to purchase the colour corrector, the even better foundation and the pressed powder in store, saving the cost of delivery as well as being able to use them immediately (not forgetting that I would also collect Boots points!). Surprisingly, when being given my  free gift at the till, I noticed it was presented in a beautiful Summery coloured Clinique bag which looked quite big (like the online gift) so I was excited to return home and see what it contained. To my delight, there were actually not 5, but 6 free gifts inside which included, the Rinse-Off Foaming Cleanser, a Moisture Surge Extended Thirst Relief Cream, an All About Eyes Cream, a Chubby Stick Intense Moisturizing Lip Colour Balm, a High Impact Mascara, and finally a Quickliner for Eyes Intense.

I tested most of the products the following day at home and was super excited to see the results. I thought that the corrector stick did a great job of covering my blemishes and dark circles, however it was quite crumbly and caused my skin to look slightly dry. This did improve however when I applied it in a dabbing motion and not rubbing it in too much (less is more!).

I absolutely fell in love with the Even Better Foundation as it blends in beautifully, giving me a fabulous coverage which lasts all day long and makes me feel very confident. It really does give an even skin tone and I have not seen any redness on my skin since! I am slightly concerned as to how long the foundation will last as the bottle seems to be very small which is disappointing of Clinique, however if it means looking fabulous everyday then I may be very tempted to purchase it again.

I was eager to try the Chubby Stick as it seems to be very popular and looked right for me, however even though it offers a nice application and feesl natural to wear, it is not long lasting and does not keep my lips moisturised for long, therefore I would not purchase one.

photo (4)Unfortunately, both  the moisturiser and eye serum proved to be a  disappointment.  There were no positives  from the eye serum and the moisturiser made my skin dry which is strange given the name (Moisture Surge).

photo (8)

photo (7)Fortunately,  the eyeliner and mascara both  looked lovely on.  In particular,  the mascara gave my lashes a long, natural finish. I have not yet tested the cleanser.

photo (5)

photo (3)I love the convenience of storing all these products in my really pretty Clinique bag and have kept the packaging  to keep each product looking new and fresh. This bag is very easy and light to carry around, containing everything I need with the exception of  a little of my Clarin’s Summer Edition Blusher which I added from my other makeup bag!

I definitely fell in love with some of Clinique’s products and  am very happy with the purchases made. I would highly recommended any reader with sensitive skin and /or an uneven skin-tone to try these same products to determine if they can offer  you as good a result as they do for me. Have fun experimenting!


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