How to Create This Super Easy Halloween Makeup! (Spider Theme)

You Will Need:

  • A set of good quality eye makeup brushes: preferably a base shadow brush, a crease brush, an accent brush, a fine liner brush and a brow brush/wand.
  • Water
  • A mirror
  • A black felt tip eyeliner pen
  • The Urban Decay Vice2 Eye Shadow Palette
  • A black eye shadow
  • A set of long, black strip eyelashes
  • A bright red lipstick
  • A red lip liner pencil

Here’s How to Create the Spider:

Using a felt tip black eyeliner pen, create a small spider web above the left cheek, towards the outer eye. Do this by creating a starting point and draw 5 curved lines leading away from this, flicking off towards the hairline. Now draw a row of 3 curved lines within each segment, making sure that they join together. Connect the spider below the web by drawing a circle (the body) then adding a smaller circle (the head). Add 4 legs to either side of the body and 2 antennae to the top of the head. If applicable, you can add in 4 finer, slightly adjusted legs in-between the existing legs to make it look like the spider is crawling across the face.

To add detail to the body, start with a black eye shadow for the base and fill in the spider’s head and body using an accent brush (or any small sized brush for precision detailing). I recommend dabbing the brush into a pot of water first as it picks up the pigment so much better!!! To highlight precision detail, add shade Smokeout from the Vice2 palette (or any brown/purple shimmery shade) by dabbing on top of the black base. Next, apply shade Shellshock from the palette (or any silvery shade) by dabbing on to the head using a fine liner brush. Finally, add strokes (with the same brush) to parts of the legs and web to attract shine from the light.


The Final Look:

Moving on to the eyes (a huge part in creating this look!), I opted for very dark, smoky black eyes. This is simply created by using a base shadow brush to add a small amount of black eye shadow across the eyelid, taking this up into the crease and blending it out as much as you can with use of a crease brush. Then, create strong, bold eyebrows by drawing a precise outline using a brow brush (dipped in water first) with black eye shadow before filling them in. I completed the eyes by adding Eylure Natural Lashes 107 with DUO eyelash glue.

Next, I outlined my lips using Mac Redd before filling them in with Bourjois Rouge Edition Lipstick (Rouge Buzz 10). Using a fine liner brush (dipped in water) and a little black eye shadow, I drew some spider legs coming out the left corner of my mouth to create the impression of a spider trying to worm its way out. Creepy huh?

For the finishing touch, I did not want to leave my chest bare, so I drew a gigantic spider web across my chest with another eerie spider!

IMG_6081halloween spider


I also turned my cute little family into spiders too!! Check it out…



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